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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of Scrapbook Circles.

There are a number of terms used to describe the different roles people will have in making a Scrapbook Circle work:

Scrapbook Circles Ltd – the limited company supplying the service

Scrapbook Circle (Circle) – our small private networks

The Account Holder – the person (within an organisation or individual representative) who pays the subscription and assumes overall responsibility for enacting the Terms and Conditions

The Circle Owner – the individual who is at the centre of the Scrapbook Circle.  The Scrapbook Circle belongs to them.

The Circle facilitator – the person responsible for supporting the Circle Owner to use their Scrapbook Circle and as explained ensuring the terms and Conditions are followed.

Friends – individuals invited by the Circle Owner to join their Scrapbook Circle.

Scrapbook Circles Ltd will:

As the Account holder you will be responsible for:

As the Account Holder or Scrapbook Circle Facilitator you agree that:

As Account Holder or Circle Facilitator you agree not to:


Sharing photographs and making comments:

Please be aware of your responsibility when hosting a Scrapbook Circle As Account Holder and/or Circle Facilitator you agree:


Storage and Content back up:

Scrapbook Circles is not a backup service and you agree that you will not rely on the Service for the purposes of content backup or storage. Scrapbook Circles will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Services, or the loss of any Content.

Communications between you and Scrapbook Circles 

We may send you service-related emails (e.g., account verification, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). Note that you may not opt out of service-related e-mails.


Privacy Policy

You can read our full privacy policy here