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The Supported Social Network

Giving people a voice

Scrapbook Circles provide a safe supportive place for people to communicate with the people they really care about

People who care

Sometimes the people you care about don't live on your doorstep, we help people bridge that gap

Share the moments that matter

Support workers can share key moments in the lives of those they support

What people have said:


This system greatly improved people's ability to communicate with family and friends as photos and messages were a 'two way thing'. Relatives and friends were able to take pictures of themselves, friends and family pets, who people had not been able to see for a long period of time, and add a message to their relative.

Parent of disabled user

Having Scrapbook Circles makes us feel like we are almost there with him. We feel part of his life without having to encroach on him, he’s a young adult with his own life to live!



Connect people

Staying in touch with family and friends, sharing news and photos. These are some of the simplest yet most important things in all our lives, it makes us feel connected, less isolated and more loved.
Scrapbook Circles helps facilitate this for people with support needs by offering a simple, private and easy to use social network.

Keeping it personal

You can share but we won't...

We know people like to keep things private and we do our best to help. Your photos are your own and we won't sell your data to advertisers or anyone else.
We also help keep your phone secure by uploading images directly to our servers and not storing them on your phone for others to find.

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